Highly experienced, Skilled, Intelligence, Coding passion, Patience....Do we need to say more?

Who We Are ?

Highly experienced, Skilled, Intelligence, Coding passion, Patience....Do we need to say more?
Dream..a simple word which started our company. A group of highly experienced, skilled, young, energetic and certified IT professional with big dreams got together to make the dream come true. Guava is the physical name of the dream and its real existence.
In Guava we believe that only a combination of experience, intelligent thinking, professional approach and having good patience can produce something innovative.
We have been following that path and we will. Guava has come a long way and won a lot of challenging situations to make its existence stronger.

We are always besides you.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide world class IT solutions for better user satisfaction at lower costs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the technology leader by ensuring quality and generating ideas with professional approach. We have our primary focus kept on maintaining R&D on the futuristic domains. We are planning to setup several Offshore Development Centers (ODC) around the world through overseas marketing effort in the near future.

Our Technical Expertise

Guava gathered together a strong team of superior management professionals, software architects, system analysts and designers, programming experts, innovative designers, business analysts, finance experts and quality assurance engineers with good professional experience and background.  

Our professionals have good expertise and experience in various industry standards, including

  • Web Services/SOAP
  • .NET/C#/C++/VB.Net
  • Web Design(PHP, HTML/DHTML, Javascript, VBScript, Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Zend)
  • Java/Enterprise JavaBeans/Servlets/JavaServer Pages
  • Visual Basic 6/ActiveX/COM+/Active Server Pages
  • SQL Server/Oracle/MySQL/DB2/MS Analysis Services
  • SQL Server Reporting Services/Crystal Reports
  • Multimedia Authoring(Flash/Director)
  • Geographic Information Systems(including Digitization and Mapping)
Our Development Methodology

Software engineering is the practice of using selected process techniques to improve the quality of a software development effort. We believe a methodical approach to software development results in fewer defects and, therefore provides shorter delivery times and better value. The challenge in selecting and following a methodology is to do it wisely - to provide sufficient process disciplines to deliver the quality required for business success, while avoiding steps that waste time, squander productivity, and demoralize developers. The best approach for applying a methodology is to consider it as a means to manage risk. Every step along the system development life cycle has its own risks and a number of available techniques to improve process discipline and resulting output quality. We usually apply one of the methodologies – Waterfall or Spiral, depending on the situation and using our experience. In general we go through the steps below:

  • Primary Analysis & Feasibility Study
  • Proposal Submission
  • Agreement Signing
  • Detailed Analysis for User Requirements
  • System Design
  • Prototype Design
  • Prototype approval from clients
  • System Development
  • Unit Testing and Module Testing
  • System Testing and System Integration Testing
  • Implementation
  • Acceptance of client
  • Feedback, Support & Maintenance
Our Skill Matrix

We believe in building a team and team spirit is the key to our success. The team has been built around a core group with sufficient expertise in their respective fields and is among the best in the industry. Our team includes Chife Technical officer, System Analysts, Webmaster, Database Administrators, Software Engineers, System Engineers, Test Engineers (Tester), Network Engineers, Website Developers, Graphic Designers, Sales and Marketing personnel.