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Highly experienced, Skilled, Intelligence, Coding passion, Patience....Do we need to say more?

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Dream..a simple word which started our company. A group of highly experienced, skilled, young, energetic and certified IT professional with big dreams got together to make the dream come true. Guava is the physical name of the dream and its real existence.
In Guava we believe that only a combination of experience, intelligent thinking, professional approach and having good patience can produce something innovative.
We have been following that path and we will. Guava has come a long way and won a lot of challenging situations to make its existence stronger.

Guava envisions enhancing its strength for acquiring the ability to help and support for information technology and communication those who are most neglected and empower them in the process. Guava aims to reach out to the unreachable with the vision to build a society of people with the bless of modern information technology. This cannot be possible without your support. Lend a hand to learn slam and rural people in touch with information technology.


Bank Details:


Account Name: The Guava Ltd.


Account Number: CD – 13811050021719


Bank Name: Prime Bank


Branch Name: Asad Gate


Currency Type: BDT